Antimasonic posters exhibition will be open from Friday, 14th of November at 18:00 in UK Parobrod in Belgrade.

Those posters are part of Large Antimasonic exhibition which was open in October of 1941. after the nazi occupied Belgrade. It was financed by germans who wanted to deepen already existing hate against the Jews.

Posters carried a message that the Jews are aincent enemies of the Serbian people and that Serbian do not need to wait for the Germans to start exterminating Jews. Judaism is shown in stereotypes, shown as an example of evil. That way of antisemitic propaganda has shown Jews as capitalists and communists at the same time, as a force that is controling European and worlds economic life.

There is 17 original posters and three replicated posters that were made based on photographies of the posters from the original exhibition in 1941. Exhibition is, for the first time after four decades, open in Zagreb in 2013. by the Festival of Tolerance, and after that in Sarajevo and Tuzla.


Exhibition Nothing about anything will be open from Saturday, 15th of November at 17:00 in O3one gallery in Belgrade.

It is an exhibition of illustrations, tampered photography, texts and videos that were made as a part of activities on social networks, almost last remaining media in Serbia that can stay independent and critical towards poltical and social reality.

With his work, author has opposed political influences that Serbia was going towards and has promoted tolerance, peace and gateway from values that made our country an area of constant crisis and instability.

About the author:

Srđan Ćešić was born on 19th of April 1969., he has graduated on visual communication studies at International College of Arts and Sciences in Milan. He is a screenwriter and director of satiric TV shows in Serbia and he published political illustrations in some Serbian magazines. As an art director, designer and director, he has worked on a number of marketing, political and socially engaged campaigns.-+