Naš posao

Location: UK Parobrod

Date and time: 15. 11. 2014. u 19:00

Trajanje: 8 min

Maja Šubarić Mahmuljin, Slovenija, 2013.

Ljubljana, present. Blaž Kužnik wakes up early in the morning and gets ready to go to work at the restaurant “Druga violina”. As he gets out of the car we can see that Blaž has Down Syndrome and has difficulties walking. In his work clothes, Blaž comes to serve guests and we follow him in his shift working from morning until late afternoon with a smile on his face. His best friend Peter has health problems too, but he is also very serious and enthusiastic about his job. Blaž talks about his life, work, friends, hobbies, desires and achievements.