Trči, dječače, trči

Dom omladine Beograda, sala Amerikana

Date and time: 13. 11. u 11:00

Duration: 102 min

Pepe Danquart

Academy Award winner Pepe Danquart brings to the screen the best seller novel by Uri Orlev. It’s the true story of nine year old Jurek (Andy Tkacz), who escaped in 1942 from the Warsaw ghetto into the woods, where he must survive on his own until the end of the war. He learns how to sleep in trees and how to hunt squirrels with his slingshot. However, coldness and loneliness keep driving him back to civilisation. In the villages, Jurek meets those who will help him and some who will betray him. “Run, Boy, Run“ is a compelling film based on true events.

COTTBUS FILM FESTIVAL 2013 – Audience Award